Personal History of Kiminori Kobayashi


April, 2004 -  March, 2006: Registered as an Internationalization Supporting Adviser by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (SMRJ)

December, 2003 - Relocated the residence to Melbourne, Australia

April, 2002 - September, 2003 - Acted as an International Trade Adviser for Ibaraki Prefecture Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Promotion Corporation

June, 2001 - June, 2003 - Acted as Deputy Managing Director of Trade Advisers Association

June, 1999 - June, 2001 - Acted as a Director of Trade Advisers Association

January, 1998 - Registered as a Certified Trade Advisor by JETRO

January 11, 1996 - Established and started to run Japan Tradelink Ltd as an international trade consultant.

November, 1992 - December,1995: General manager, Foods Dept.-2 of Nissho Iwai Foods Corp., Tokyo, responsible for management of the department which handled dairy products, canned goods, pasta, dried fruits, nuts, juice, coffee, wheat flour, starch, rice flour mix, sugar mix. vegetable oil, etc.

August 1989 - November 1992: Manager, Foodstuffs Dept. of Nissho Iwai Australia, Ltd., Melbourne., Handled wheat, frozen beef, oaten hay, cotton seed, food ingredients, canned and frozen abalone, canned fruit, fresh orange, cut flowers, etc.

July 1985 - August 1989: Manager, China Trade Team, Foodstuffs Planning and Coordination Office of Nissho Iwai Corp., Tokyo, assisted staffs of the Foodstuffs Division to promote Chinese business. Traveled a lot to China during this period.

February 1982 - June 1985: Manager, Foodstuffs Dept of Nissho Iwai Corp., Singapore Branch, handled wheat, palm oil, wheat flour, coffee beans, canned goods, etc.

August 1979 - January 1982: Manager, Foodstuffs Dept of Nissho Iwai Australia Ltd., Melbourne, handled wheat, barley, oat, frozen beef, frozen mutton, beef tallow, hide, meat and bone meal and so on.

June 1975 - August 1979: a marketing staff of Grain Dept of Nissho Iwai Corp., Tokyo, handled wheat, rice, and wheat flour.

April 1965 - June 1975: a staff of Foodstuffs Dept of Nissho Iwai Corp. (Now Sojitz Corp.) , Kobe, handled dried beans and peas, dried fruit and nuts, peanut butter, fruit jam, prawns, fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. The products were imported mainly from USA, China and South East Asian countries.

March 1965 : graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Chinese faculty.

Born in 1942 in Japan.


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