the 34th Annual Congress of the Japanese Society of Human Sciences of Health-Social Services

【 Welcome Ceremony 】  9:40am〜10:00am

Shukutokuma & Japanese drum performances

【 Invited lecture 】  10:15am〜10:55am

Title:Diversity and Artificial Intelligence
Speaker:Amarsanaa Gan-Yadam, Ph.D, Philanthropy Center for Children and the Elderly, Director
Chair:Yuichi Watanabe, Ph.D, Professer of Musashino University

【 Special lecture 】  11:00am〜12:00

Title:Avatar robot expands the great potential of humanity(tentative)
Speaker:Ory Yoshifuji (Ory Laboratory, Director)
Chair:Naoki Harada, Associate Professor of Fukuoka Prefectural University

【 Keynote lecture 】  3:00pm〜3:30pm

Title:AI robot that helps people maintain their cognitive function
Speaker:MIhoko Otake, Ph.D,
               RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
               Cognitive Behavioral Assistive Technology Team, Leader
Chair:Ryoji Shinohara, Ph.D, Professor of Yamanashi University

【 Symposium 】  3:30pm〜5:00pm

Thema:The future of health and social services expanding with technology
Panel members:
   Mineki Takechi, Ph.D., Cardio Intelligence Inc. CDO.
   Shotaro Doki, Ph.D., M.D., University of Tsukuba
   Fumihito Ito, Ph.D., Shimane University
   Fumiko Miyoshi, Avatar Robot Pilot
Chair:Taishi Arimura, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Japan College of Social Work

【 Lunchtime Mini Concert 】  12:45pm〜1:00pm

  Ryota Matsui, Singer-songwriter