1.How to play with the button

Before remodeling

After it is remodeled

The confirmation of the part before remodeling
(When Mozilla is thawed, the directory of chrome/ is made. Though various files for localize are under that, the image of Navigator Button goes in each of the following directories with the GIF form, too. You have only to change these gif files. It is easy, ^^).


The parts replaced this time are only 3 GIF of the following.

==> /chrome/global/skin/default/button32-bg.gif

==> /chrome/global/skin/default/button32-bg-disabled.gif

==> /chrome/navigator/skin/default/reload.gif

(^0^)/Let's try to exchange with your Mozilla(^0^)/ (chrome_old/ is to change a name to original chrome/ so that you can return it to the place, and copy a distinction.)

Mozilla(Gecko)M13 ! is here

Mozilla(Gecko)M12 is here