the 34th Annual Congress of the Japanese Society of Human Sciences of Health-Social Services

Abstract Submission Period & Submission Fee

  1. Abstract Submission Period
  2. May 1, 2021 ~ August 13, 2021  August 31, 2021
    ※Abstract Submission Period has been extended to August 31, 2021.
  3. Submission Fee
  4. JPY 5,000
    (Students & Graduate Students  Free)
    ※Only Japanese yen is accepted.
  5. The bank account for money transfer is as follow.
  6. The Chiba Kogyo Bank, Ltd.  A branch sort code 120
    Bank account number 1112111  Account holder  ワタナベタエコ
    ※ The account is the one in Japan
  7. The english session is co-sponsored with the SYSTED.
  8. You do not necessarily have to be a member of the society.
    However, registration is prerequisite for applying to presentations.

Abstract Submission

  1. Please submit your abstract using the template below.
  2.       Common template of abstract ← The form is available for download from here.
  3. The abstract include Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, Methods, Findings and Results, and Conclusions and Recommendations
  4. Please name your completed word document in the following manner: form_author surname of submission.(e.g. form_hanako shukutoku.docx)
  5. Please submit your abstract using the form below.
  6. You will hear from us in seven days about the decision of your submissions.

Online Abstract Submission Form

  1. Name

  2. E-mail


  3. ethical review
    not taken

  4. Payment
    Students & Graduate Students

  5. Do you need the receipt

  6. Receipt address

  7. Message

  8. Please attach your abstract.

Review Results

  1. All the submitted abstracts will be reviewed.
  2. Acceptance will be judged and the result will be notified after the review.

Oral presentations

  1. There will be 9 minutes of presentation time and 3 minutes for discussion, totaling 12 minutes per individual presentation.
  2. Please bring handouts for your own presentation.